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Sure, it could possibly do fairly darn steep hills. 27 levels is the limit of hills many of the models can handle. The LB3500 series can do 30 degree hills. It won’t sound steep however a 27 diploma hill is steeper than any riding mower will deal with excluding the Nationwide Greens Mower. Granted, to do this grade, you will want the optionally available spiked wheels and wheelie bars. How do I do know? http://www.1057fmthefan.com/media/podcast/home-improvement I have them for my mower.

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Though it sounds like a complicated process, lawn aeration can be a quite simple option to rejuvenate your turf. In the course of the process, lawn care professionals will use an aerator to take away plugs of soil out of your garden. This can break up root-choking, compacted soil, creating pathways through which air, water and fertilizer can more simply travel to your turf ‘s … Read More

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